Monday, March 16, 2009

Doesn't she look cute with a braid?

I can't believe she'll be three years old in 4 months. She knows her shapes, numbers up to 20, her ABC's upper and lower case (and in order), she can pick out some words by sight, and she can write about 5 letters. She loves to wake me up in the morning by telling me "I knows my colors, Mommy"... or substitute shapes, numbers, letters... as the first thing she says. It's obviously a source of pride for her.

She is getting so independent. She wants to put her own clothes on (and take them off); go to the potty by herself (not a good idea); and has figured out how to work the dvd player. Once I told her how to handle the DVD's and if she couldn't touch them properly (with a finger in the hole and not touching the silver part) then she couldn't play them... she never did it wrong again. I thought I had thwarted her from doing them on her own, but she outsmarted me by learning how to do it right.

I ask her to pick up her toys and she tells me, "I busy". Busy doing what? "Playing". She's good at sharing her toys with others and takes turns without being asked with the toys she's playing with when we have playdates. "I hepping mommy" is what she says when she picks up the broom to sweep or tries to vacuum.

On the other hand, she really, really hates picking up her toys. "Mommy do it! I tired" is her favorite thing to say when it's time to clean up. Then she will hang limply on whatever toy she is playing with, or on the floor, and pretend to be almost passed out with exhaustion. It's so hard not to laugh.

I wonder what three will bring.

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Mandy said...

I'm very impressed with miss Mia! And yes, she's adorable with her braid!