Thursday, December 16, 2010

Amelia's Imagination

Reading the newspaper and breakfast in "bed" (the four chairs and a silk pillow)... she informs me that the long feather boa is actually a noose to trap wild animals that come too close.  Note the poptart on the diaper box "bedside table" is her breakfast :)  She has better mornings than I do.  It's been decades since I last had breakfast in bed with the newspaper!

Going shopping for special things with her purple pumpkin "purse"

She asked me if she could play with her hair clips. After several minutes of uncharacteristic quiet, I had to peek, only to find her organizing them!  I was so impressed.

Playing "dolls" with her dinosaurs. 
This one obviously had a terrible accident (note the bandaids) but a good hair day.

Completely random post of Olivia with her PT.  He is using his badge as a therapy tool.


Allegra said...

Amelia is awesome! What an imagination!!! No wonder Allen loves her :)


Mandy said...

These are adorable! I love her breakfast in bed!