Thursday, December 30, 2010

Extended Christmas Holidays

Since Rafe is in Afghanistan, we went to Camp Lejeune to spend Christmas with some dear friends and their two boys.  We wanted to be a part of a full, noisy household on Christmas, and it has been wonderful.  As my mom commented, "For a house with four kids in it, it sure has been nice and quiet".   The kids were noisy, but the well behaved, fun kind of noisy and not the screaming, fighting kind of noisy. 

As luck would have it, we were only going to stay for a few short days and come back.  I had some big plans for getting the house ready for the New Year, and some goals I wanted to prepare for both mentally and physically.  That will have to wait for something far more important - my friend is having her 3rd child via Csection and she's pretty high risk.  Her mom won't be with her until next Monday, so I am staying to help until then.  Mom went back with the van and Olivia so she could continue with her therapies, and I am taking one of their vehicles back to PI with Amelia on Sunday.

If you are reading this and we had tentative playdates lined up, I am so sorry.  I left my contact book at home.  Amelia was looking forward to spending time with all her little friends from school and the base.  She's still having fun here (even got to make a snowman). 

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Growingtogether said...

hey- will be praying for your friend. Miss you wish I was still in NC to see you. Hugs!!!