Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Parade

Amelia's school had a float in the parade, so she was able to ride on her first float ever! The kids behaved great considering they had to sit on the float for about 45 minutes before it even started. About the time the Parade took off, several kids needed to go to the bathroom after waiting all that time! I felt for them.

Love the creative reindeer antlers made from Palm trees!My Christmas Elf

All the way to Kansas City, Mia kept telling me how much her best friend Logan missed her.
I think the feeling was mutual!

He is absolutely the sweetest, most wonderful boy! Their friendship is so innocent; they love doing stuff together. On Wednesdays, his mom picks them up from school and they head to the library for a while before going to Karate class. It's better than the days they spent pouring sand on each other's heads. You'd think they hadn't seen each other in years instead of just two weeks.

A view of some of the gorgeous houses we went past in downtown Beaufort.
And a not too shabby fur coat, either!

We had just enough time after the parade to have dinner and bath. I was watching a friend's child so we are going to start our St Nick's traditions tomorrow night. The joy of being four... sometimes if I'm running behind the day something starts is a bit flexible!! She will never know :)

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Allegra said...

love the pics of Amelia and Logan. They're so sweet!