Saturday, December 4, 2010

Boat Parade

I started off this month with the intent to have a quiet month concentrated at home with family. During the month of October and November, Amelia had playdates almost every single day after school with one friend or another, and I just wanted to keep her home (and stay home myself!) and work on more things with her. I'm already not keeping to my goals very well! But we're having a great time.

I thought today would be my leisurely day, but ended up taking Livie for a synagis shot (love my doctor and synagis nurse - she wanted me to come in on a less crowded day and he checked Olivia over after our trip). She's a bit dehydrated and struggling to eat after the trip but bouncing back. We are feeding her every two hours and taking turns with pedialite and milk.

The rest of the day was a lot more fun - I went to help decorate Quarters One - the General's house here on base. The Parris Island Officer Spouse Club is in charge of decorating it each year. I don't think that is the tradition on most bases (but I'm not 100% sure), but here the General's home is quite historic and receives a lot of visitors. I know I worked for 3 hours with about 20 women all together and it was still underway when I left. Piles of magnolia leaves, pines, mistletoe, berries and pinecones had been gathered and deposited on the beautiful porch along with boxes and boxes of Christmas decorations from years past. The home itself features furniture that belongs to the house and the current occupants can add pieces of their own. The house also has a chef/butler/assistant Marine who is assigned to the house - and if I remember correctly, there are only 6 of him with his MOS in the Marine Corps. He's also a great shot and knows a TON about guns - he and Rafe talked for hours one time in the exchange about guns. The General and his family are very safe there! :) I wish I had my camera to take pictures of what I did. I can't decorate my way out of a paper bag so I was quite proud of my hours of hard work (although they would have taken another woman probably half that time at least!)

In the evening, I drove us all down to the waterfront to watch the Christmas boat parade. It was my first experience and Olivia was loving the lights. We walked around to see the shops afterwards and had candy cane ice cream. Not quite as fancy as the Plaza, but a WHOLE lot warmer!

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