Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Snapshots from today

I love how imaginative Amelia is. She's always creating new scenarios with the things we have in the house. Tonight it was the little chairs to her table - this is a parking garage with an opening for the cars to get out. She informed me this is a cage for her stuffed animals and the cars can check on them.
This is her cousin Greta's bottom. Just kidding, Lisa!
The pants are too short but they are still falling off her; she's so slender.
This is a road where the cars are racing and crashing
before driving off the road onto the trampoline. She also made an airplane out of the chairs, with the chairs lined up in single file. She was the captain and mom and I were the passengers. She said she had to get her booster seat to sit in so she could see out the windshield of this imaginary plane. The incongruity of that struck me as hilarious.
Grandma showing Amelia how to sew buttons on felt. Olivia reaching up to pull the tablecloth off (not too exciting unless you look at the position of her body and realize she is holding herself up like that!)
Livie reading one of her favorite books - aren't her little feet and legs so cute?!
Still reading
Two perfect grape tomatoes pulled from a dead tomato plant. I've tried all summer to get tomatoes off those darn plants with NO success whatsoever. I haven't watered them in months now and went out this morning with Amelia to pull the plants before school. She noticed the tomatoes right away - and there are a few more on the plant almost ready. Needless to say, we ate them and they were DELICIOUS! Too bad out of 4 plants this was my only result.
Amelia with her hairband from St. Nick

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Growingtogether said...

Wow!! I LOVED the pictures!! I cannot believe how big Amelia is getting and to see your precious Livvie was AWESOME!! She is so big and look at all those curls. I cannot wait to get my hands on them again.- and you! Hugs and lots of love- Connie