Saturday, December 11, 2010

From Afghanistan

"This is something I just wrote up about a couple of men who died for a people who may never understand what a life of freedom can be like.  I was part of a group of 300-plus Servicemembers who saw these honorable men off as they were loaded onto the freedom bird destined for the land of the free:

Thou Shall Not Move
Standing there in the bone-chilling cold wind of reality, I dare not move.
My hands go numb and my legs grow tired, but I dare not move.
My mind drifts into thoughts of what brought me here, and I don’t want to move.
Time, thoughts, feeling slip away never to be recovered, and I forget where I am.
Lost inside myself, I hear the sound of music somewhere outside of me.
My focus snaps back into vivid clarity, and I am back in my cold, tired body, but I dare not move.
I hear someone yell a command, and my razor sharp, numb hand automatically and slowly lifts into a reverent salute.  It locks into place, and I do not move.
I see the two flag-draped containers pass slowly by and I think about those asleep within: they shall never move again"

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