Thursday, December 16, 2010

Battalion Christmas Party 2

So much personality!
Playing with Grandma
Livie loves faces -better watch out for your nose. 
 Look at that curly hair!
I love my big sister!

We say Livie is SO nosy - she always wants to know what is going on!

You can't tell in this picture very well, but Olivia is grinning at herself
because she's reaching for Amelia's  hair bow. 
Amelia looks like such a young lady; growing way too fast for me.
My mom, my best friend!

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Mandy said...

Livie's hair is just as gorgeous as Amelia's always has been. These are all so sweet! The one of her & your mom smiling at eachother is definitely a framer! And I can attest, that girl is NOSY fo shizzle! God forbid there is ANY action going on during her meal and she must stop eating to check it out ;D