Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A simple day at home...

I'm trying to post a bit more because Rafe has slightly easier access to the blog now than he did. Someday I hope he might be able to write a few words on here also!

Today was the first day back to school for Amelia. One of her first questions to me every day is, "What do we do today, momma?" No matter what is going on that day, I always tell her in my "it's going to be so much fun!" voice. This morning it was, "When you come home from school, we're going to do some cutting work and then eat dinner and go to bed!!!" She was so excited - "yayy, mommy!". I love her great attitude.

We worked on an advent project that was my mom's idea. I had wanted to get all fancy and have daily things planned out on a little calendar that we would open each day and do. Maybe someday, but this is all I can handle for now. And it is turning out even better than I imagined! I'm not sure what the end result will look like, but for now we are working on an advent calendar we are making ourselves a bit each day. While we do this, we talk a little bit about the birth of Jesus and the meaning of Christmas. Nothing too heavy. It's been a fun, low key way to get in the Christmas spirit. We talked about St Nicholas and his good deeds and persecution last night in the bath and tonight we laid out stockings on the church bench in the hallway. Tomorrow will be the first day she ever really gets the excitement of having a full stocking.

Olivia was a little pistol today. She pulled herself up in her crib for the first time ever, and wants to stand when you try to get her to sit on the floor. She keeps trying to pull herself to stand when you hold her hands. She loves to yap after hours of not making a sound - loud!

Amelia cutting out the tree Mommy drew

So serious!

All done! She did a great job cutting it herself.

Now she's marking numbers on the tree where buttons will go.
Livie right after pulling herself up in the crib.
Looks like it's time to lower the bed!

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