Thursday, May 22, 2008

Doctor, Doctor!

I had to take Amelia to the Dr. yesterday to get a splinter out of her foot. He actually had to cut into her foot to get it out. She literally never struggled, complained, cried, whined, whimpered or basically moved. The most she did was flinch toward the end when he had to really dig. I was so proud of her! She sat in my lap the whole time and I had her name the colors on the walls and words for the pictures. The pediatrician said she was the best behaved baby he'd ever seen in that situation. He kept commenting on her calm demeanor.

Then we were back at the Dr. today because she had ringworm - probably from the local daycare. It hasn't stopped her from being a goofball, so I guess she's fine.

That belt she's wearing is from the 80's. I used to wear it wrapped around a turquoise shirt with padded shoulders and gray epaulets. It was hot! :) hee hee... Rafe hates that belt and we almost got rid of it and I'm not sure why we kept it, but Amelia loves it. She finds it and brings it to me and I have to wrap it around her waist. She puts it together in the weirdest combinations. I think this one takes the cake though - combat boots and a farmer brown hat. That girl loves her hats!

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Mandy said...

Maybe Amelia can give her cousin tips on how to be so brave! Noah sobs the second he sees a nurse, while pointing at the door and in between sobs saying "BYEEEE!" . I hope her ringworm clears right up!