Saturday, May 24, 2008

Views from my Front Porch

All the houses here are on "stilts" because of how close we are to sea level. Sometimes when the tide comes in, the end of the street has water running down it. We are directly across from St. Helena Island. You can see the water from our livingroom windows; and we often see sailboats, fishing boats, yachts, etc. going up and down the water. Amelia loves them, and runs around like crazy shouting, "MOMMAAAAAAY! MOMMMMMM!! A boooht, A boooht!" trying to get to the windows.

The weather is really interesting at this tip of Parris Island. It's often windy, which means it is much cooler than the rest of the island and the Beaufort area, relatively speaking. The evenings are very nice, much nicer than the swelteringly hot and humid days, with cool breezes coming in across the water.

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