Saturday, May 24, 2008


When you have your first child, and they do funny things, you don't realize at first that they are showing parts of their personality that is uniquely theirs, and will stick around for a long time.

Ever since she was a baby (as in almost before she could scoot and crawl), she has been fascinated by things on her head, her wrists, her feet and her hands. Somewhere around here I have photographic proof of her wearing the following things on her head - washcloths, underwear, baby towels, diapers, mommy's clothes... (all clean, except for that one foray into the laundry basket when I was busy, I swear). She's been putting socks and shoes on her hands (hasn't mastered putting them on her feet yet). She wears headbands, rubberbands and baby toys as bracelets. She loves her purses. She will wear her gardening gloves around the house, or get into my drawers and wear my gloves.

This does not bode well for our financial situation when she is a teenager.

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