Friday, May 30, 2008

If it's free, it's for me!

Ever since my sister told me that phrase, I can't get it out of my head. I love free stuff. Today I went to a Homeschool Conference, and they had a used curriculum/book sale. I found some GREAT items for less than a dollar, a complete set of scrabble, lots of new books for Amelia including a child's picture bible (it was $2 and I have bought it for gifts before at $16 or more), books for me (homeschooling activities and ideas, parenting books for me) puzzles, etc... all in all I spent $92 and saved approximately $500 plus since I didn't pay full price. I found FREE Math flash cards for preschoolers/kindergarden and some of the items above were free.

Speaking of frugal, some of my other recent finds are: a child's standing art easel for $5, (normal price $90 to $180) a large childs art table and chair for $10 (they range from $50 to 150$), a winter jacket for $2 and a summer swimsuit with a built in floatie for 50 cents! All of them have been used and yes, some do show minimal signs of wear and tear. But who cares? They'd have those signs anyway once Amelia got ahold of them. I don't normally shop this much, but she really needs more age appropriate books and toys. She's pretty much outgrown all we have, and I can't bear to pay full price for all that.

One of my friends taught me to tear my dryer sheets in half and get two loads out of one sheet. I love that trick! Then when you are done, you can use them to dust off the top of your dryer and washer each load before you throw them away!

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