Friday, May 30, 2008

Mojave Viper

Rafe's coming home Sunday night. They were supposed to be home Friday night, and somebody from HQ changed their flight to Sunday and then went on leave (so no one could find him I guess). Morale is pretty low among the guys. And among me. If he'd made it home Friday, we would have been "in the zone" ovulation wise for Baby #2. Coming home Sunday, we miss it completely. It's been pretty sad and frustrating that even with the 4 months we've had before he leaves, he's been in the field just about every time that we could have conceived. I'm trying to stay positive, but now we have only 1 more chance, unless we go the very expensive route of IVF or IUI. Plus, now I miss out on 2 of my 5 weeks left with Rafe, as I have to head back to Savannah every 3 days when I start taking my shots again.

I'm feeling quite grouchy toward the MC today.

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