Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gordon Ramsey would fire her!

I can't tell if my child is a budding gourmet or just trying to drive me crazy. If I mix one tiny thing into her food that she doesn't like(ex: mac/cheese mixed with green beans), she will very carefully eat all the food around the offending item and spit out the one tiny piece of food she didn't like (the green beans). It kills me, because she used to love vegetables. I'm also astounded, because how can her little tounge maneuver that tiny piece of green bean around while she's busy eating the mac and cheese and still have it leftover to spit out??

Today I had to laugh when I gave her cut up grapes and some mushroom/olive pizza. She loves both of those items, but she happened to spy some soy sauce and caesar dressing on the table and very clearly wanted some of those on her plate - pointing at them, pointing to her plate, and making the sign for please. So, out of curiosity, I obliged... and watched her DIP HER GRAPES IN SOY SAUCE. And eat them. Over and over again. She then dipped her pizza crusts in the caesar dressing and ate it also.

Ok, so let me get this straight - you won't eat your plain jane veggies, but you want a salty/sweet combination of grapes and soy sauce? I can't tell if she just wants more intense flavors or is just plain weird :)

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Kate said...

She has her mothers palate. You know, Gordon raised his own turkeys in the back yard and then had them slaughtered for a Thanksgiving dinner at his restaurant in England. They showed the way they do it and I was absolutely traumatized. It almost made me become a vegetarian. Almost.