Friday, May 30, 2008


Hurry up, Mommy!!

"ZHOOOM ZHOOOM!!" Amelia is fascinated by planes

If you double click on this picture, you can get an idea of how much dirt she had on her, but it truly doesn't show it all... she dumped dirt in her hair and my washcloth is black!

Amelia loves to play in the dirt and to be outside. She will bring me my big "Farmer Brown" hat or my garden shoes (Rafe's old combat boots) and say, "oww-shyyy!! Ow-shy, Mommay!" If I don't get the message quickly enough for her, she pulls on one of my fingers with her hand and starts walking toward one of the doors. Nothing makes her more sad than to see the outdoors but not be able to go out into it. However, I only take her out in the very early morning or after 430 here because the sun is so intense and her skin is so pale. Her cheeks turn to bright, rosy red apples in just a few minutes if she's outside between 930 and 430.

Because of this, I do my gardening in the evenings, usually after we've had dinner. The time just drags for me in the evening without Rafe here. By that time, we're both ready for a change of scenery and she's much less clingy and more independant playing outside. She likes to explore the yard and look at bugs - although she gets hysterical when they get too close to her. Today she took a new approach and started stepping on all the ants that came across her path. She'll scream my name, point to the bug and generally whoop it up.

Did I mention she loves dirt? I couldn't get a closeup, but after her bath this evening, I had to clean the tub. I could have planted flowers in there with all the dirt that came off of her!

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