Friday, May 2, 2008

Shame on Tyson Chickens!

They've been promoting their chicken as being raised without antibiotics... but it turns out they are injecting the eggs right before they hatch with antibiotics. They argue in court that "raised" refers to the time period after they are hatched and are being accurate with their advertising. The court disagreed and gave them 2 weeks to pull all advertising.

I really get frustrated when I try to buy the best possible things for my family to put in their bodies and it turns out I'm being misled by these huge companies. I truly believe that God designed our bodies to work perfectly in harmony with the natural foods He provided us, and the more we chemically manipulate that environment, the more harm we do long term to our health.

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Mandy said...

That irritates me so bad! How deceptive! I will not buy their products ever. We only buy organic meat/dairy/eggs. I still buy regular produce though. Noah actually will not eat non-organic eggs. They don't taste the same. We started buying them locally from a family my grandma knows with their own free range chicken coop!