Sunday, May 4, 2008

Responsible Children

The surest way to raise selfish, rude, contentious, unhelpful children is
to have low expectations for what they can and should offer to your family and community. However, if your belief system is built upon the premise that everyone should contribute to the well-being of all, no matter their ages and ability levels, your actions, attitudes, and expectations will reflect that, and your young child will begin to learn the value of responsibility.
From "Wiggle, Giggle, Learn"

Amelia has chores - at 22 months old. She's been helping me with laundry since she was 16 months old (taking the wet clothes from the basket and putting them in the dryer). She helps "unload" the dishwasher now - hands me the dishes from the bottom rack and I put them away. She brushes her own teeth (I follow up, but she still does a pretty good job) and gets her own step stool to see the sink. She helps make her breakfast oatmeal (now I just lay out the ingredients and she can do most of it on her own). She lets me know when she needs a diaper change and goes to sleep when she's told, wherever she's at (unless there is a bed with no rails, and that scares her).

I'm pretty proud of her!!

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