Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Big thunderstorms, power outage on Parris Island today! Our power was out most of the day, so all my plans went astray.

I went to church (Tidal Creek Fellowship) this morning and heard an excellent sermon on motherhood, parenting and boundaries today. The sermons are online, and I think I might listen to that one a few more times. It falls right in line with something else I've been reading lately - Chronicles of a BabyWise Mom -
"Your goal needs to be more than simply getting through another day (page 10). I love this thought. I think this is the goal of many modern parents. They want to simply make it through the day in one piece with minimal conflict. They don't take initiative to teach and lead their children. They let their children wander from activity to activity, and so long as the children aren't causing problems, that is good enough. I am not saying all parents are this way, but I definitely know parents with this mentality. We need to remember that we have a short time with our children when our influence reigns supreme. We need to take advantage of this teaching period in their life when we are the coolest, smartest, greatest people in the world. Before we know it, their friends will start to replace us. Treat each day as a day for learning and training opportunities."

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