Friday, April 4, 2008

Amy's Kitchen

I love Amy's Kitchen products. LOVE THEM. Not one thing I've eaten has ever been just mediocre. They've been incredible and flavorful, and oh yeah, good for you too. They've been a lifesaver for me since the Green Machine moved us out of our home in November and we waited for housing for THREE MONTHS. Ok... so it was only 2 1/2. But still. We stayed with family, ate on the road, then lived in a very cramped, very barracks like um... barracks room with only a microwave. Not even a table. Trust me when I say that it was luxurious at $4 a night and they earned every single penny!!!! On the bright side, we had a roof over our heads and so many don't.

During this time, Amy's Kitchen was one of the few things that I felt comfortable feeding Amelia. She ate them, loved them (including the Indian food), and I knew that she was getting some variety, as were we. So I checked out their website the other day (www.amy' and lo and behold - found they had a military section!! They soared in my esteem. I expected a vegetarian, organic, natural foods company to be picketing the military. I wrote them specifically to thank them for their products and to tell them the saga and how they really eased my concerns about quality food when our options were so limited and really helped us as a family. They thanked me. Today in the mail, I received this awesome package... it had 9 magnets with pictures of their food on it that I gave to Amelia to play with and it kept her busy for at least 15 minutes. They also sent coupons for FREE meals. And $1 off coupons!! Not just a few, but at least 20 of them. I'm flabbergasted. I'm never cheating on them with another frozen prepackaged meal option. They are it for me. Go Amy's Kitchen!!

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