Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Back in Beaufort

Note to self: Do not drive so late ever again. We didn't get home till 3 am; and while it was great for Amelia, I was way too sleepy to think that I ever want to do that in the future. I don't know how over-the-road truckdrivers do it.

It was great to come home and sleep in my big cozy bed... YUMMY! It was nice to go for a walk and visit with some of my new friends on the base and their kids in the park common area by housing. They have been great - although we've only been living here a short while and gone most of the time, they've been so very sweet to us. One of the ladies picks up my mail and another one offered dinner for us tonight. We're here till Friday, then back to Lejeune.

Unfortunately this visit will not be much fun and games. There are maintenance issues in the house that need to be fixed; the dryer needs a new heating element and I am determined to leave the house more organized by Friday. Ugh.

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