Monday, April 28, 2008

The Best Laid Plans...

Rafe went back into the field for a week of training e-a-r-l-y this morning. I planned on dropping Amelia off to play for a few hours while I packed us up and loaded the car. Then get my girl, eat lunch and head back to Beaufort while she snoozed it up in the back seat. It was a perfect, baby won't cry for hours plan.

Instead, she threw up 5 times this morning at various intervals. Every towel we had was used, and then we moved on to bedsheets, blankets and robes - not including the clothes we were wearing. Just as soon as I would get her (and myself) cleaned up from one incident, start to get the furniture cleaned up, it would happen again. At home, this would have been work, but at a BOQ room, with a set amount of towels and no bathtub and no washer in the immediate area to dump the dirty clothes, it was a LOT of work. I canceled the playtime; found the housekeeper for fresh towels and a trash bag to remove all the bedclothes, comforter and towels to the laundryroom; and borrowed a steam cleaner from them to clean the couch, bed and carpets.

She went down for a nap at noon, and I'd LOVE one myself - except we have no blankets or bedclothes anymore. Even my own personal pillow is in the dryer right now. I don't know if we should drive back today or wait, but I have a feeling she'll be fine after the nap. It's raining outside, so no outside play; and I really don't think she should be around other kids. I thought about spending the night, but because I thought we were leaving, we won't be getting fresh linens, blankets and sheets until tomorrow.

It's going to be a loooong day. As Amelia says, "wan' mommy!! wan' mommy!" (I want my mommy!)

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