Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Military "Logic"

Remember me saying we're staying here till the middle of May? Scratch that. Seems the schedule has changed. Apparently, they are going into the field on Saturday all day, and then spending all next week (monday through friday) in the field so they don't have to check their weapons back in. So we're headed back to Beaufort next week because there is no point staying cooped up here without Rafe coming home at night. Other than I really hate to drive, and I especially hate driving 6 hours straight. That's the only thing that might keep me here, is the prospect of driving back and forth again.

So here are the questions that go through my mind:
1) If they are going into the field 24/7 next week, WHY WHY WHY Saturday too? Because it's not as if they need that one day away from their families when they are going to be together for ONE STINKING WEEK and then ONE STINKING YEAR.

2) Oh, and by the way, why cancel today's training, and sub Saturday, then give them busy work today because there's nothing to do? Why not send them home?

3) Why am I still asking these questions after 5 years in the military? You'd think that I'd get used to it happening by now. Remember the most recent great irony of the move to another city only to get an IA back here 3 stinkin' days after we rented our house out?? And not just a 6 month deployment, but a year deployment. We could have stayed here for another almost 2 years with my "family" (friends with deployed spouses and church friends).

So my quote of the day is this:

"Practice hope. As hopefulness becomes a habit, you can achieve a permanently happy spirit.' Norman Vincent Peale

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