Monday, April 21, 2008


As you can tell, we're back at Lejeune this week. We'll probably be staying here at the BOQ until the middle of May. I feel like we haven't lived in one solid place since the end of November. Mail has gotten lost, found, then lost again in the moving, forwarding, packing and unpacking. So have so many other things. I try to keep Amelia's schedule the same as much as possible to mitigate against her frustration and stress at always being someplace different. Since November, we've stayed at 8 different places with friends and family. Eight. And if I'd had more time, it would have been a few more before we left so unexpectedly to join up with Rafe. Before the age of 2, she has made numerous plane and car trips to Texas, Virginia, South Carolina, Missouri, Colorado, North Carolina... and that's just the destination states. NOT even counting the states we stopped in or drove through. I should stop sometime and add up how many trips we've actually made so far. She's a trouper.

I really miss this area. Coming back I realize how much more support there is for moms. I'm sure it has to do with the fact that half this town is always a single mom running a family because half the town is always deployed. I do feel like a single mom sometimes, although a very lucky one. Most single moms have the struggle of trying to work AND spending a lot of time teaching and raising their kids, along with running a household. I feel blessed that although money can be tight at times, we have the luxury of me staying at home with Amelia.

It's nice to see my friends again. I keep running into people I know everywhere we go. I realize when I see them again, how much I really love them and miss them.

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