Friday, April 4, 2008

Home Cookin'

The hardest times are in the evening after Amelia goes to bed and the house is so quiet. You'd think I'd relish that, and I do for the first few days. But after that, I really miss having my best friend around to talk to. This is complicated by the fact that I really hate talking on the phone unless I have something specific to say or accomplish. I'm terrible at phone chat. The one question I invariably ask my husband on the phone is what he ate for dinner. I'm actually fascinated by what people eat for dinner, although listening to his dinner choices are sometimes horrifying. :)

This week I told him I made lemon pepper tilapia and ate it with ramen noodles. The funny thing about that (to me) is that he told me it sounded great and how much he missed my home cooking. I miss it too. I really don't cook that much with him gone, Amelia doesn't eat much and her tastes are limited (although she occasionally will go on a spicy food or smoked salmon kick). I find I buy more prepared foods, which makes me feel guilty considering I used to be an Executive Chef for a living. It surprized me how much I enjoyed hearing him say that... contrasting with Amelia's earlier reaction to fish and noodles by chewing them up, getting my hopes up, and then spitting them out all over her shirt.

Tonight I took the leftover fish, broke it up in pieces and tossed it with organic baby spinach, crunchy chinese noodles (similar to chow mein but skinnier), scallions and a tamari-ginger dressing (San-J brand). YUM. It was the best leftover accident I've eaten in a long time. That will have to go into the rotation.

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