Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Looking Back

I figured out a way to put our pictures on "slide show" on the Mac. It currently sits on a table in our kitchen and you can see it from the table. It was pretty neat to see pics of when Rafe and I were first dating and of family I haven't seen in a while. Every time Amelia would see Rafe, she'd yell out, "Daddy!!!"

It was pretty sweet, until the end of the day when she was tired. She saw his picture and broke out in this wail that was so pitiful that I thought she'd hurt herself. I finally figured out by asking questions that she wanted her daddy. "Did you hurt yourself?" (she shook her head no and pointed to the computer) "Did you see daddy?" In a small voice she said, "mm huh" "Do you want daddy?" (she stuck her thumb in her mouth, nodded yes and laid her head on my shoulder)

I know how she feels.

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