Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Chocolate Overload

Whenever I go to visit my sister, I try and cook with a few of the kids on something they really want to try. Something exotic, something unusual, expose them to new things, teach them new techniques.
For some reason, Vivi insisted box brownies made the cut.
Obviously, this worked for AmeliaShy, quiet Greta horning in on the camera action! :)
The first chocolate buzz wasn't enough, so Amelia snuck off to Katie's room with a giant chocolate cookie. She didn't want to hear anyone tell her she couldn't eat it, so she put santa socks on her feet and a big pink hat over her ears. (Yes, she did pick out her own accessories) Then Mommy made her do pushups for sneaking off to eat. Or was that Aunt Ziza making her do pushups for using poor grammar?

Mean, mean mommy!
(Just kidding. She randomly decided to do pushups on her own in Denton. Probably to work off all that chocolate. Note the Santa socks peeking out of the fuzzy Nordic boots she added to her ensemble.)

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Mandy said...

I love that last pic of Amelia doing push ups! I didn't know she did them! Noah does them too and counts "one, two, tree!". I'm with Vivi, boxed brownies are definately delicious and exotic enough for me!