Friday, January 2, 2009

Home at Last

Amelia didn't waste a second when we hit the house Thursday night. She immediately ran from room to room, revisiting all her toys like they were old friends. I kept hearing, "Oh! Look a' dis!" as she was racing around and pulling out her favorites.

This is the first outfit she had on.
She's wearing gloves, hat and heels to cook in - a true Southern lady!

"I fissin breh-fust, mommy"

Amelia was happy to help me unpack her new fairy wings (a Christmas present from her Secret Santa). She pulled together the rest of her outfit by rummaging through the house and bringing me things to put on her, including her hairband. That red basting brush is actually hers - she fell in love with it at a Le Creuset outlet store. She was using it as a wand last night, but I'm not sure what she's doing to the hippo bath puppets!

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