Thursday, January 22, 2009

Texas Hallway

This is our Texas Hallway... That quilt was made by JJ; that mirror was a wedding present from Nana; the book on the chair was a gift from one of my chef apprentices; that's my gardening hat that I bought when we were stationed in San Diego at the Farmer's Market with one of my best friends, Kim; and I have no idea where that chair came from!

You can't see it but there is are two pieces of American Indian art in the hall, around the corner. Eventually I plan to have more pictures of Rafe's family along the walls. I have a framed picture that I took of Rafe and his dad that I will put up there.

Recently I realized I take pictures all the time, but never actually print them. So the only pictures I have in frames are my sister's kids because she prints doubles and gives some to me. That will change as I get more organized. I have some great pictures of Grandma Willie's farmhouse that I want to put up there, along with other family pictures. I have one that I took of all of Rafe's family together that I want to put there. I need to find some "texas" style frames that don't look too cheesy. I'm as terrible at decorating as I am at organizing.

I think the place needs paint. But then I'd have to paint it over again when we move, so I'm not sure.

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