Thursday, January 22, 2009


Rafe, I am so excited you are coming home!
I know you like to anticipate good things, so this is for you! The tape is for Amelia. We usually watch a movie on Sundays, and I got tired of telling her she was too close to the TV every five minutes. I realized she had no clue what "too close" was, so I gave her a visual. She's really great about not getting past that line when she's watching.

Short Daddy and Tall Daddy
(Amelia's description - she asked me to put them there)

Rafe, click on this one so you can see it better. It's a little dark.

This normally only looks like this during the day when Amelia is playing. We clean it up each night. It's not as much as it looks like; it's just all contained in one spot. The rest of the house is pretty much toy free. Plus lots of those toys are baby toys still; I need to weed them out.

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Barb said...


This is beautiful! I am so incredibly proud of you. I know what a feat this was for you & I know Rafe is going to be so blessed by what you have done for him. I talk to dh & got the go ahead to come see you. I am hoping in the beginning of March if you're up for it. It's going to depend on if we've gotten word about where to next. But 'm penciling it in!!