Friday, January 16, 2009

Ever seen a Dragon cook?

Amelia made this in that tiny little oven!
Just kidding. I made it for lunch. It's a whole wheat tortilla; ground beef cooked with carrots, onions, green peppers and enchilada sauce; spinach, wheat germ and sharp cheddar cheese. It was amazingly delicious. Believe it or not, the spinach was great in it.

This is what Amelia made for lunch.
I made hers into a rollup, and with just the meat and cheese. I also made her some yogurt - just mixed some plain Stonyfield farm yogurt (in bulk) with some strawberry jam. Apparently, she wasn't a fan of the cheesy meat rollup, and thought it needed some help.
She has a bad habit, acquired recently, of dumping her yogurt on her food. Then wanting different food. She and I have had some chats about this and most of them ended with lunch ending immediately upon the dumping of the yogurt.
This particular day, I had started clearing dishes and wasn't paying attention to her and she did it again. Only this time, as I immediately started to take her food away, she said, "NO MOMMY! I EAT!"
Being the kind, gentle, mom that I am, I realized she was starving because she had spilled her milk at dinner (on purpose, she told me) and missed dinner. Then at breakfast she did the same thing, smeared her hand in it and told me she did it on purpose... and missed breakfast.
Too bad for her that we were now at lunchtime and she was about to lose lunch. Out of reflex, without really thinking, I said, "Did you do that on purpose? Did you mean to eat your food with yogurt on it?" She just looked at me a second and said, "uh huh".
Then she started eating it.
Is it bad if it made me laugh, because I could tell she didn't really like it with yogurt on it?


Karen said...

Do you think she was just trying to mimmic what we do...put gravies, sauces and condiments on our you think she just thinks she is doing the same thing with yogurt? She is smart!

Laurie said...

Good idea! I never thought of that! She might be. But to be honest, I think she just likes the hubbub it makes when she does it. There is a grown up woman in the house who gets really annoyed and it's probably fun to watch for her. :)