Thursday, January 22, 2009

Texas Johnson Tribe - 9 kids and counting

My sister's blog

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People ask me all the time how my sister gets things done with 9 kids. If you want to know about a typical morning in their household, you will have to read this. The funny thing is that I actually called her during this whole thing and she was quite calm on the phone and never mentioned a word to me about it. That shows me how much she must love me, as I was calling to "cry on her shoulder" about my doctor visit this morning and I never knew the whirlwind she was in.

I've been there. Trust me when I say, that's not unusual to have that kind of excitement before 9 in the morning.

I started a blog for my sister and her family right after we came back from Missouri. It's sweet, hysterically funny and so them all at the same time. They can't quite get the hang of posting under their own names as some of them aren't computer savvy (not naming any names, Lisa), so it might be confusing for a bit. But they can all either write on there or tell their stories to someone who can type it.

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