Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fire Station Visit

My dad used to be a firefighter in the town I stayed in over the holidays. One day we took a chilly walk up to the new firestation and Amelia received the grand tour. Ambulances, fire trucks, stretchers and even the dog were on the tour. You can tell she's pretty pleased with herself right here. She thinks she pulled a fast one on mommy, because she's always trying to get in the front seat of my car and drive. She'll tell me "My turn drive, mommy" and of course I don't let her. Except that one time when I was really tired of driving and let her do a few hours on the highway.

Here she is, grandly waving for us to close the door so she can take off with the fire engine.

She had just received this hat and was making eyes at the firefighter who gave it to her. I think she likes a man in uniform, like her mommy.

She's giddy - we closed the door! She thinks she's really about to drive!

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