Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rough Week

Amelia has been sick for more than a week now, at first with a bad cold. Then Sunday night I was vomiting for about 4 hours and Amelia started in on Monday. She threw up again last night, but I think today is the end of it. She hasn't eaten or had hardly anything to drink in 3 days, but she doesn't seem to miss it. She doesn't like pedialyte in any flavor, not a big fan of popsicles, and tonight I tried jello for the first time. What kid doesn't like jello?

Apparently, mine.

She did eventually find something she wanted to eat. She's holding the liverwurst she grabbed off of my plate (having a snack of crackers and liverwurst) and bit a hunk off of.

1 comment:

Zekiel said...

Liverwurst? Yeah, I was definitely a jello child myself.

*mutters* unnatural...