Thursday, January 8, 2009


I know you are reading this right now. :)


Barb said...

Hi Rafe too!

The pictures are wonderful. I am so glad to hear that you too had a wonderfuly busy & glorious Holiday season. Amelia is breathtaking! I got the lilnk to the website but becauseof some problems I'm having I wasn't able to view more than the pictures posted on the blog. But they were amazing. I can only imagine how much money I would have spent! Is Rafe's R&R soon? Are you guys at the 1/2 way point yet? I was thinking that you are there but wasn't sure. I hope you are doing well. I miss you & want to catch up!

ps Thanks for all the post on my blog!

Laurie said...

I love commenting on blogs! And getting them, although at first it took some getting used to! Weird, eh?

Anyway, this photographer was awesome. She sold me the rights to the pictures and I have 40 of them on CD to print out as I want. SO MUCH CHEAPER that way. Even though it was still pricey, but in the long run a great deal. Especially as they were so well done. Amelia looks like a model in those and even I turned out well.

Rafe comes home in a little over 2 weeks and it's about the halfway point. Only 6 more months after that. I worry about Amelia after he leaves this RR period. She is so aware now, much more than before.

I'd love to catch up too! But I probably won't be available till the middle of Feb, since he comes home in a few weeks and we just came back from our 2 month holiday trip. Still trying to put things back in order.