Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Denton Thanksgiving

By the time my sister came home from her vacation and I headed to Denton for some much needed (peace and quiet) rest and relaxation, I had a bacterial infection in my eye and sinusitus although I didn't know it. I just knew I was very, very tired and I'd felt like I'd had a migraine headache for a week. It was great to be at Ashley's house because it was quiet.

Did I mention the quiet? It was nice. :)

I made dinner one night while I was staying at Ashley's and Rafe's dad and aunt came over. I definitely must have been off my feed, because I realized much later that I didn't take any pictures, which is unlike me.

One of the best parts of my visit there was being able to sit at the table with Molly one night and work on one of her homework projects with her. I wish I had taken a picture of it; it turned out very cute and all I did was cut and glue things where she told me to! She's such a bright kid and so eager to learn. She'll definitely go far. I really enjoyed spending that time with her and it made me a bit wistful as I would love to be physically closer to all the kids on both sides to do projects with them.

I do have Thanksgiving pics, though, so I will post all I have. Again, I took far fewer than I normally do.
Colton, Robbie, Britney, Amelia

Trish, Molly, Robbie
Trish, Colton, and Molly off to the far right

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