Thursday, January 22, 2009

Homecoming Chain

To get Amelia out of her post-sickness funk tonight, we painted a little bit. We started off with paintbrushes, but in the spirit of experimentation, painted with a napkin, the skin of a kiwi fruit, our fingers and the upside down set of paints, dropped repeatedly on the piece of paper. My only contribution was the kiwi skin. Amelia thought of the rest :)

I was going to get some construction paper and make a chain out of it with her - each link to signify the days we have left until Daddy comes home. But now that we have all those pages painted, I am going to cut them in strips with her tomorrow and we're going to make them into the chain instead.

Each day we will tear one strip off the chain so she can get a physical sense of when he is coming home and how close it is. I am adding a few extra chains for the days that he might spend in travel. We actually won't know when he gets here until about 12 hours before he is supposed to show up. I just have a three day window of time that I am supposed to be ready to go pick him up at the airport.

I am not too excited or nervous yet. I think I'll feel it more once I see the chain made myself.

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